To Con or not to Con?

I’m going to Boston’s comic-con this July, and I’m pretty excited.  I remember going to a few small cons in Ohio with my dad when I was but wee. The last time I went was in 2012, and there were a few things about it that were different than what I was used to:

1.) Cosplayers had taken over.  We couldn’t turn around without bumping into someone dressed like the Joker or a Star Wars character.

2.) All of the events were centered around meeting actors in TV shows or movies.

I guess this isn’t bad, but you can’t beat jawing with a comic book artist you admire, and those opportunities don’t seem to be what is driving the experience anymore. I guess I’ll see a few actors, but standing in line for hours to say “hi” awkwardly isn’t my thing. I guess I might get cool pictures? All for the selfies, I guess.

Another thing is that comic con is now trying to appeal to all ages, which is good and bad. I went with my young son in 2012, and if we took a wrong turn it wasn’t entirely kid-friendly.  One isle was Scrooge Mc Duck, the other zombie porn! It means I’ll have to be careful where I take my kids, and that’s hard since I really want them to be able to share the love of all things geeky I have with them.  I’ll be with adults this July, so I don’t have to worry about it this time around.

I’ll have to see what I think of the Boston Con this summer. Oscar Bernie argues that comic cons are killing fandom.  After reading his post, I realized I’ve never been to a “real” Con. I’d love to meet writers and artists, and I guess Comic-Con is not the place for that? I hope not- that’s sad. The very people doing all the creative work are in the dark or treated like cogs in a wheel. And you know what? Writers and artists are shy in my experience. We need each other, but it looks like we’re being pushed out of our own element by actors.

5 thoughts on “To Con or not to Con?

  1. We also enjoyed the Cosplayers. My husband and I took another route (a bit) by doing just “inspired outfits.” It really got us to think outside of the box and try to recreate and personify that character in wardrobe choice. We just did an Evangelion vest and wore it to the Florida Anime Experience. Now, we’re doing another “inspired” piece. I LOVE IT! I just have the sneak peek. But, maybe you can draw something out of it and get you even more excited and get the creativity juices going. ❤ Hope you share your experience after!!

    Here's my sneak peek (you'll probably know the inspiration behind it)

    • Very cool! 🙂 I have great cosplay friends…I’m more of an artist. Too shy to dress up with confidence but I can do the fanart part! 😉 I’m excited to go this summer. Will def. share the experience.

      • Aw, I think you experience will definitely be different. We went with our toddlers (hoping to geek them out before school starts). Next time it may just be us. Enjoy!!! I’ve never known my husband to be shy but meeting one of his favorite voice actors stunned him a bit. It was quite the experience. FAE is a bit smaller, but I really enjoyed the artist they featured for the mangas they had. It was awesome

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I can’t wait until my son is old enough to know what is going on.

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