What I Saw at Boston Comic Con

I met these Thor people!

I met these Thor people!

What can I say? It was fun! Friday was a good day to go. It was full but quiet and people were so amazingly nice. I love the artists’ booths. I met so many great people who were just willing to talk about their work and how drawing made them happy. I grew up in nerd culture and my husband did not, and even he mentioned that “comic book people” are very inclusive. We saw a few disabled kids join some tables like they belonged there, and witnessed new friendships being struck up over card games and sketchbooks. I think nerds are just aware that we’re all nerds: hey, you got a wedgie in high school? Screw popular people, man. Check out this new Spider-Man variant.

I was very impressed with the cosplay this year too. Check out this iron man:

2015-07-31 14.49.49

There was a GREAT batman walking around too…there were kids in line for pictures with him, but he had to decline after about the 500th because, as he said (in authentic, raspy Batman voice), “Sorry guys, I have to pee.” It made my day.

2015-07-31 13.24.36 And the artists! Where to start? I saw Michael Cho who was selling prints for only $35 a pop (cash only) I love his stuff and want to decorate my kids’ room with it! I met Amy Reeder who draws Rocket Girl and she signed a copy of a trade paperback for me, and was a genuinely lovely person who was happy with her profession and willing to share that joy.

I was also impressed with the Indie scene: I met Mark Willis of Indie Comic Review and chatted with him about his efforts to give more attention to non DC/Marvel artists and writers who deserve a following. I checked out the webpage and I found some titles I’d be very interested in reading. He’s also looking to promote writers and artists so drop him a line to get involved!

2015-07-31 13.25.312015-07-31 13.32.052015-07-31 13.47.49

Other mentions: Chrissie Zullo, David Thorn- Wenzel (his prints were $200 a pop) and the good folks from Boston Comics Roundtable who invited me to come to their mini comic workshop. I’m tempted- meeting other artists and getting small press published? Sounds fun to me! I also loved the folks at Comicazi, who are just located in Somerville! I’ll be sure to drop in when I have the notion and bring my dinosaur-loving kiddos.

Speaking of kiddos, I didn’t bring mine, but there was a Lil Cthulhu plushie that I was tempted by:

2015-07-31 13.08

Cute, right?

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