Entering Writers of the Future

WOTF-Vol-31-1-678x1024Welp, I’m going to do it. I won’t enter until I feel 100% that nothing else can be done to this story, but I think it’s something the contest judges will like. I got to 8,000 words last night and I plan on trimming it down and making sure I absolutely love it before sending it off.

Been reading through volume 31 and found lots of new authors to check out and love, including Auston Habershaw and Kary English.   (I feel like I fangirl all over Kary.)

I also joined the forums so I can meet fellow entrants and commiserate with other freelancers. Nice group of people- very kind and supportive and ready to give advice. Most of them post their contest status, and a lot make the “Honorable Mention” category, which is like another way of winning. I figure this is a good way to get noticed by other editors and to expose my work to people I admire….no pressure!

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