Stephenie Meyer Is Still Making Money

I assume everyone has read Twilight, right? You read it, you toss it aside and say, “whatever, that was LAME,”  and then proceeded to hide it under your pillow.

I remember when these books came out. I was in college and everyone wanted to read them, but they didn’t want people to know they were reading them. People would buy them and then give them to me when they were done. I didn’t want copies, but they didn’t either, so I had this box in  my basement full of Meyer books like I was a drug dealer. I got rid of most of them because I felt like I’d been hypnotized by a snake-charmer: I was interested in the initial idea, enjoyed reading them, and then when I shut the book I was like, “wait a SECOND!”

Nice vampires? No, no, no. Damsel in perpetual distress, with no meaning unless she has her man? YUCK! Meyer has no doubt heard these criticisms so she’s at it again! What if her characters were gender-swapped? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT, WORLD?

meyerJust when it looked liked the madness was over- movies are done, rewrites over with, Meyer has more! It seems like this woman can just make money off of the same idea for infinity. Hey, I won’t knock her for capitalizing on her stuff. Here I am struggling to get a short story published and she’s raking in a mint.


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