My Star Wars Thoughts! Who I think Rey Is…

reyObviously, spoilers. But hey, it’s  January and I figure you’ve had your chance! DON’T READ THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THINGS.

Mkay. Ahem.

The biggest question on my mind after seeing the movie was Ray: who is she? We’re led to believe that she’s related to Luke somehow, the most obvious indication the fact that Luke’s old lightsaber calls to her. Doesn’t that seem too easy? I mean, if it is true I guess it won’t bother me, but it seems lazy.  The Star Wars franchise is pretty cyclic, and by that I mean we’re always following the same characters and they all end up being related to each other, or they keep running into each other out of pure providence. Some coincidences are a surprise, some are dumb. ( Anakin made C3P0? Um, no. Dumb.)

So here’s my speculation: I think Rey is Obi Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter. This would fall in line with the typical providential storylines driven by the Force, and would make a nice narrative. In A New Hope Kenobi gives Luke his father’s lightsaber. At the end of The Force Awakens Rey presents that same lightsaber back to Luke. Full circle. Perhaps the Kenobi’s just exist to help the Skywalkers get their act together, especially Luke’s. Ben Kenobi urges Luke to take on the responsibility of becoming a trained Jedi, and now Rey will bring Master Luke out of his solitude so that he can redeem himself as a teacher after his failure with Kylo Ren.

There are also little clues in The Force Awakens that seem…coincidental.

  1. When Rey starts discovering her powers, she uses the same Jedi Mind Trick Kenobi did to free herself from her captor. “You are going to loosen these restrains and walk away.” (“These are not the droids you’re looking for.”)
  2. When Rey is aboard the Starkiller base, she disables the shields. Ben Kenobi does the same thing in A New Hope when on the Death Star. He disables a tractor beam before confronting Darth Vader.
  3. If Rey is a Kenobi, she’s inherited the mechanical skills and aptitude for the force, plus the wisdom and pure-hearted selflessness.
  4. If Rey is a Kenobi, she and Kylo Ren’s dual represents the old battle between their grandfathers in A New Hope, not just siblings or cousins duking it out.

So when would Ben Kenobi have had time to have heirs? Well, he was alone on Tatooine for 20-some years, so it’s possible he could have had a family and then left them for their safety. I know that a common Jedi trait seems to be their commitment to celibacy, but in the Clone Wars television series, young Kenobi has a love interest that he keeps at arm’s length, and she tragically dies. So that suggests that perhaps Ben regretted never committing to her. It also shows that he is certainly capable of falling in love and it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to think it could happen again.

Kenobi's love dies in The Clone Wars TV Show

Kenobi’s love dies in The Clone Wars TV Show

As to Rey’s orphan state, it seems plausible to speculate that if she were Ben’s granddaughter and she showed herself to be force-sensitive at a young age, her caretakers would fear for her safety. So, they dump her on a desert planet.

I’m not the only one with this theory: Read here for a more in-depth analysis by Ben Ostrower:

My favorite moment in the series comes in Episode 5 when Luke has abruptly and hastily cut short his training and Force Ghost Obi Wan laments, “That boy is our last hope.” Yoda replies, “No…there is another…”

Written originally to be a reference to Leia, how dramatic would it be for the “another” to ultimately mean a Kenobi? After all, we do learn pretty quickly in Episode 7 that Leia never becomes a Jedi. If Rey is a Kenobi and if by the close of Episode 9 she’s brought “balance to the force,” then all of the previous movies take on a new meaning. Even Obi Wan’s Force Ghost from Episodes 5 and 6 takes on a much more spiritual purpose than to just provide convenient story exposition. If Rey is revealed as a Kenobi, it changes the entire paradigm of the series.

Come on, you know it’s cool!

Additional thoughts:

-Am I the only one that thought Kylo Ren was um…cute? Just sayin’ I wasn’t alone. He took off that mask and a girl behind me was like, “Whoa, hot!”

-How much did Mark Hamill get paid to stand there at the end and say nothing?

– To the people being all like, “This movie sucked, it was just A New Hope alllll Over again!” You know what? Yea, IT WAS. Know why? Because the filmmakers had to earn our trust back after those atrocious prequels. The only thing that would have made The Force Awakens better would have been one of the characters accidentally killing Jar-Jar Binks in a really awful way like he gets caught in the jet stream of the Falcon and his smoldering remains get licked up by greedy Banthas on the ground. So quit being that guy at the party who gets drunk and take a gigantic dump in the community punch bowl.

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