Writing, Raising Kids, Working, and Sanity


Albert Anker

Brigid Kemmerer has a great piece up at Writer’s Digest that told me everything I needed to hear.

I started writing this article by staring at the screen for five minutes, trying to think of a good comparison for my life, so I could be witty and demonstrate my writing chops. But you know what? I’m too tired, because my 17-month-old was up in the middle of the night, suddenly terrified of his baby monitor.

And you know what else? You don’t need me to tell you how busy I am. If you’re a mother or a father, you’re busy too. We’re all busy.

But just so you have a frame of reference, here’s my life:

  • Four kids ranging in age from 1 to 18.
  • A wonderful husband who likes to set eyes on me every once in a while.
  • An active writing career, with five full length novels published since 2012 (and more to come!)
  • A full time job (40 hours per week) in the financial services industry.
  • A caffeine addiction. Seriously. Someone pass the coffee.

If you’re an aspiring or published author in the same boat (or even if you’re just a parent who loves reading checklists), I’d like to share some of what works in the Kemmerer house to keep everything running smoothly.

Read the rest here.

Honestly, it put the wind back in my sails. I’m in a constant writing-editing-revising circle, shortlisted here, rejected there. My third baby is due in May, and I’m juggling that, two toddlers under five, a job, and a few night classes.

After reading Kemmere’s column I took some time to finally finish revising a story at a coffee shop for two hours. And all was ok again.


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