Becky, circa 2008, standing in the ruins of a democracy


So, you want to know all about me? I love traditional art and want to be a realist painter, and I have a Classics degree because I’m really just in it for the loot. (If you have your MBA then Get Thee Behind Me.)

I’m a mom! It’s the Best and Worst of times most times.

I also write fiction in my spare time and am actively freelancing because I’m good at accepting rejection. I’m particularly interested in Science Fiction. I’m privileged to be a first reader for the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I’m probably wearing pajamas, but I have an emergency collar shirt for video calls.

Excelsior, kids.

Becky DeVendra


I may be reached AT: Rebecca.Devendra AT gmail.com

(All death threats will be ignored unless written in trochaic tetrameter.)

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