So What’s the Worst Rejection You’ve Ever Had?

Oh, rejections- just part of writing, really. I admit that I don’t much mind the form-letter rejections, since it only means I am free to flip the story around to another market. Keeping my nose to the grindstone, as it were.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt personally attacked by a rejection, but others really don’t take it well.  I obviously feel a twinge when I have high hopes for a story, only to have those hopes dashed, but man, I don’t ever want to be bitter!

Recently, I had my worst rejection: I sent a submission to an anthology that I thought I had a good shot at.  Well, a good amount of time went by and The anthology went to social media and posted the table of contents.

I wasn’t on there, and I hadn’t received a rejection. Yikes! So, I emailed the contest manager asking if I could get a formal rejection so that I could put it to bed. I got a one-line reply confirming that the anthology was full, and then below it was written, “please forgive me.”

Well, ok then.